the intro song 167 of "December. Diary." in full version
Available at Music Nation (Tel: 2892 0692), Kubrick
Sound engineering: Sill for Loud   2011 March

1. Six Feet Under
2. 167 (full version)
3. Latching Dawn in Rain

"December. Diary."

Part 2 of "Before the Album"
Available at White Noise Records, Pintomusica, Kubrick, Music Nation (Tel: 2892 0692)
Sound engineering: Sill for Loud   2010 June

1. 167
2. Your Memory
3. For the Deaf
4. Summer and Autumn Wind
5. Wish
6. Empty Road
7. Seven Summer Cries
8. Breakthrough
9. I Can't Feel Christmas This Year
10. Era

"Joy With Theatre drama soundtrack"

Joy With Theatre 2010 performance
Sound engineering: Sill for Loud   2010 May

1. Dissilient (Live)
2. Envoi (Live)
3. Untitled 1
4. Untitled 2
5. Untitled 3
6. Untitled 4

"Before the Album"

Tribute to our Hong Kong defenders in WWII. Not for sale.
The story will be continued in the coming album.
Sound engineering: Sill for Loud   2008 Spring

1. 8-December-1941, Hong Kong
2. Hold the Line
3. 12238
4. Bird, Drums, Tank

"Sill for Loud the Documentary"

A new track and a video included. Out of print.

1. Wish

"This. is. Demo 2006"

Hand made and out of print. Sound engineering: Tai Sing & Sill for Loud
1. You
2. No Ones Here...
3. Intro.Christie (with additional guitars by Tai Sing)
4. Christie

Tracks available in this site only:

You (Instrumental Live)

I was playing the drums, so no bass guitar in the track. -wai

No Ones Here...(Acoustic Live)

Taken in the early April 2006, poor sounding.

Macau Jam

A sound project with a friend from Macau, still in progress. -wai

Macau Jam

(my original part)

12238 Live in studio

2009 April